Every NYT Higher-Ed Thinkpiece Ever Written

Higher Education is in a Crisis. A deep, dark, existential crisis which can only be blamed on its resistance to innovative disruption and its abandonment of cherished liberal arts principles. You might think that assertion is paradoxical, that it’s merely a buzzword-laden lede for academic clickbait, but you would be wrong. The humanities are dying. And the only way forward is to go back.

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Guest Appearance on The Junto Blog

In case you missed it, or aren’t immersed in the community of historians on Twitter and other online spaces, Sean Wilentz wrote an op-ed in the¬†New York Times yesterday that many of us found…problematic. The good folks over at The Junto¬†kindly offered me some space to collect what had been a furious stream of tweets into a more coherent reply. It went live this morning, so if you’re interested, head over and check it out:


And while you’re at it, bookmark The Junto and follow them on Twitter (@thejuntoblog); it’s one of the best history blogs out there, and has a tremendous group of scholars writing for it.