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Each Against All: Neoliberalism and Higher Education, Part 3

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In the first two parts of this series, I looked at both the larger philosophical climate and specific historical context for neoliberalism, its emergence, and its growing domination of our political-economic-cultural landscape. Having established that neoliberalism, in the words of Henry Giroux, sustains “a form of economic Darwinism” in and for institutions of higher education, it’s time to examine what that means for our own practice. How has neoliberalism shaped higher education, and what do the answers to that question mean for our work with and among students? Continue reading “Each Against All: Neoliberalism and Higher Education, Part 3”

Each Against All: Neoliberalism and Higher Education, Part 2

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In the 1970s, neoliberalism came into its own as a coherent ideological platform and political-economic policy toolkit. As politicians, economists, and intellectuals struggled to explain both the causes of their present crisis and propose solutions for it, “an entirely new breed of liberals sought a way forward by reviving the old doctrine of classical liberalism under the novel conditions of globalization.”[1] The emergence of neoliberalism and its rapid ascent to hegemonic status in the 1970s, then, represents a watershed historical moment, the significance of which we are only now really beginning to grasp. Continue reading “Each Against All: Neoliberalism and Higher Education, Part 2”

  1. [1] Manfred B. Steger and Ravi K. Roy, Neoliberalism: A Very Short Introduction (New York: Oxford University Press, 2010), p. 9

Each Against All: Neoliberalism and Higher Education, Part One.

Which things, tell me, are yours? Whence have you brought your goods into life? You are like one occupying a place in a theater, who should prohibit others from entering, treating that as his own which was designed for the common use of all.

-St. Basil of Caesaria, ca. 300s CE

I have some questions.

Why does higher education find such warm support in the abstract, but such sharp disdain in practice? Why do we (speaking broadly) tell young people to be sure to earn their degree, but also that universities are failing and their professors are out-of-touch elites who don’t know how the “real world” works?  Continue reading “Each Against All: Neoliberalism and Higher Education, Part One.”

How Is It “Being Silenced” When You Won’t Shut Up About It?

A pernicious conspiracy against The Truth™ exists in higher education, riddled as it is with politically-correct snowflakes unable to reckon with the cold hard facts of science.  If it weren’t for the Leftist-Socialist-Cultural Marxist-SJW frauds masquerading as “experts,” our students would be learning the true and actual nature of geophysics, beginning with the reality that our world is flat. Big Globe has infected our physics, geology, and geography departments with the idea that the Earth is a sphere, hurtling through space alongside other round objects, somehow tethered to the Sun. That’s only what They want you to believe, though. Those of us brave truth-tellers whom The Academy is trying to suppress can prove that the Earth is actually a disc, hurtling upwards through the cosmos, propelled by Dark Matter energy.  The peer-review process has been thoroughly corrupted by these charlatans, the professoriate is stacked against us, and Clinton Foundation money fuels these purportedly “scientific” journals claiming to “debunk” our work. What higher education needs, then, is a Revolution! We need laws to guarantee Flat-Earth teaching is part of the curriculum, and mandates to ensure our students receive a thorough grounding in Flat-Eartherism so they can reason for themselves in the Marketplace of Ideas—which is a Free Market, by god.

Well, except for the whole curricular-mandate thing. Continue reading “How Is It “Being Silenced” When You Won’t Shut Up About It?”

Hope Among the Heartless

Are we searching for new hope among the Heartless?
Are we finding peace and life, beyond closed eyes?
Are we seeking a new hope among the heartless?
Will we understand when all we know is fear?
Vanishing Point, “Hope Among the Heartless” (2007)

So it’s been a minute, huh? Finishing a book manuscript, it turns out, is not super-conducive to regular blogging. But I am pleased to report that, save for some minor revisions and formatting, Radical Hope: A Teaching Manifesto is written and ready for final submission to the press at the beginning of next month, with an anticipated publication date next spring. IT’S HAPPENING, PEOPLE. And that means, among other things, I’ll be updating this here blog much more frequently than has been the case over the last eight or nine months, as the biggest focus in my writing practice is now nearly complete.

Continue reading “Hope Among the Heartless”